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Distributed Strain and Temperature System (DSTS)

No. Title Video Length
73 Gas-Cooled Applications of Fiber Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors 54:09
71 An Important Reminder for New DSTS System Users 6:30
69 Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) - Measuring settlement with fibre optics 3:05
68 BOTDR Long Distance Demonstration 19:48
66 Comparison of BOTDR and BOTDA Systems 20:58
64 Capabilities Demonstration 4:59
56 The BOTDA and BOTDA/BOTDR Instruments - A Comparison 13:28
55 Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature Using a Dual Core Fiber 20:45
52 Remote Monitoring and Alarm Generation 16:44
50 Detection of Cracks in Structures 10:14
46 BOTDA vs OTDR Methods for Detecting Strain Along Power Lines from Fallen Trees, Wind, etc. 17:37
45 Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature 27:27
43 50km Demo Slow and Fast Measurement 17:02
40 Setting Up The Instrument 15:40
39 Cleaning and Maintenance of Optical Connectors 18:26
29 Long Haul Measurements 23:29
28 Demonstration and Training Tutorial 10:19

Distributed Strain and Temperature System (DSTS) with Chinese subtitles (中文字幕)

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